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Sinkwork I
Sinkwork I

In 2012, I started noticing the fantastic patterns that were appearing at the bottom of the sink in my classroom, after the students cleaned their brushes. I began to realize that the patterns represented were a collaborative remnant of the artwork that had been accomplished during the day. I started bringing my camera to work with me and photographing the sink at the end of each class day. The Sinkwork images are the result. I also have begun asking the custodians not to clean the sink in my classroom until I can photograph it. I guess they think I'm crazy. Many times, several days of accumulation can enhance the imagery as well. When enlarged to the 40"x30" size, the patterns can be quite mysterious and rhythmic.

This image is printed on high quality photo rag paper and mounted on extra durable gatorboard. This image is available for purchase by clicking on the price above. A variety of sizes are available. Price on Request.